Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. Grace Yen Hoong Ooi

Dr. Ooi is our chief pediatrician at Happiness Pediatrics. She is a New York based, renowned board-certified pediatrician with a research fellowship training at Harvard Medical school. She has over 10 years experiences in treating children to adolescent especially newborn and infant. Dr. Ooi earned her medical degree from a prestigious medical school, McGill University in Canada prior to her research fellowship training. She then completed her post-graduate training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Dr. Ooi emphasizes her “happiness theory” in treating patients which is a “minimalist intervention in treating patient and provide the most comfortable approach for patient care”. She dreams to create a medical home that is both fun and comfortable for all her patients. Dr. Ooi believes the least medications or intervention we use in children care lead to the best outcome and the least damage. Many of our patients like her philosophy. She emphasizes in preventative care and take pride in educating all parents and caregiver to care for their babies and children. As a vivid writer, Dr. Ooi published her educational journal “happiness blog” biweekly in Epoch times Chinese version newspaper. You are welcome to follow her blog on our website as well.

Dr. Ooi currently serves as a Clinical Instructor at New York Presbyterian Hospital and NYU Lutheran Medical Center where she attends and examine newborn infants. Dr. Ooi is extremely passionate about serving the children in our communities, she thinks children are great teachers for the adults and vice versa. In addition to treating the pediatric disease, as a mother of two, Dr. Ooi also has her philosophy in parenting and educating the little one from little toddler to adolescent which she will gladly share with you when you meet her!